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The Mega Deal Card Is Exclusive your competitors can't be on the card with you.

Your Offer Is Visible nothing has to be opened to see your offer. People will look at all the ads.

Your Offer Doesn't Get Buried in the middle of the paper or page 23 of the coupon book. No need to depend on someone digging through a pile of coupons in hopes they'll see yours.

The Mega Deal Card Is A Billboard in your prospects mailbox. Can't be missed and won't have seen anything like it before.

The Mega Deal Card Is Printed On 16PT Stock and will look like you are spending a fortune on your advertising. We promise not to tell. The quality will reflect positively on your business.

The Mega Deal Card Is Saturation Marketing and reaches your customers and soon to be customers in their homes and businesses. Every home is delivered in your Mega Deal market area.

The Mega Deal Card Is Mobile and now you will be too. Every Mega Deal Card ad comes with a mobile landing page for the business that includes:

  • Business Address Information
  • Tap To Call Button
  • Business Hours
  • GPS Driving Directions
  • Mobile Delivered Coupon Offers - Optional